Together, We Can Bring the Future to Life

BSSW Architects is combining Building Information Modeling (BIM) software with VR Technology to bring projects to life for clients, making them an active collaborator in the design process. BIM is a three-dimensional (3D) imaging tool, which when combined with a VR technology plug-in, enables clients to “walk through” their project before the design is completed. Teams can review the design from many different perspectives, from checking security and maintenance accessibility to elevating aesthetics and marketability. BSSW has incorporated VR technology into the client review process for government facilities, commercial buildings, residential units and more.

Some of the benefits of VR technology include:

  • Giving clients the ability to digitally “walk through” a project
  • Allowing for design changes early on, reducing costs down the road
  • Creating shareable rendering plans that can be shared by all contractors
  • Giving leaders the ability to closely monitor the progress of the project without being on-site
  • Assisting in the marketing process, captivating investors and end users
Kevin Williams

“We’ve been using BIM for more than a decade, so creating 3D perspectives is nothing new for our team. The ability to then incorporate those designs into VR is a true gamechanger that saves clients both time and money. VR puts you in the driver’s seat from the initial design phase, providing a powerful benefit to our clients.”
– Kevin Williams, principal architect and vice president at BSSW Architects