Visualizing an Idea

There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching an idea turn into reality. With Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, you’ll be able to see your organization’s project come to life before ground is broken. This three-dimensional (3D) imaging tool creates unique opportunities to effectively understand a project’s function, appearance and cost early in the design process.

Our BIM technology helps clients and communities visualize the project’s possibilities, and it can assist in obtaining financial commitments from building partners and aid in fundraising opportunities due to the vivid clarity of the imaging representation. BIM lets you virtually experience a project both inside and out, allowing for everything from small functional interior decor changes to large design and material adjustments. Anticipating and adjusting to these changes at this early phase saves both time and capital for our clients.

Considered innovative by many, BSSW has used BIM for more than decade already. This is where technology and experience intersect – a powerful benefit to our clients.

BIM can aid in the architectural process by:

  • Giving clients the ability to digitally walk through a project via BIM 3D modeling
  • Allowing for design changes early on, reducing costs down the road
  • Creating shareable rendering plans that can be shared by all contractors
  • Giving leaders the ability to closely monitor the progress of the project without being on-site