Designing Remarkable Guest Experiences

The design of hospitality and leisure spaces is a delicate balance of functional efficiency for the operators and a memorable experience for guests. These projects need to embrace the client’s brand and provide a long-term value to owners. Integrating these two goals into a seamless concept is the objective for every BSSW hospitality project.

Whether your guests are looking to relax in a comfortable hotel room, dine out, attend a meeting or convention, get married or stop through on the way to the golf course or the beach, each property function is expressed in thought-provoking and creative designs that are attractive to your clientele. Our experience includes the architectural design and renovation of restaurants, clubhouses, casinos, hotels, spas or entertainment complexes, and we are committed to providing unmatched results with beautiful, functional and profitable solutions.

BSSW starts with communication, achieving a firm understanding of the brand and project goals. As a result, 90% of clients return to us for repeat business.