Specializing in Sustainable Architectural Design for the Southwest Florida Environment

When going green, choosing a local firm with extensive experience in the region is a tremendous asset because the environment drives sustainable design, and no two environments are the same. We specialize in designing for the Southwest Florida climate and care about the environmental impact projects have on our region.

Green Architectural Design Practices Applied to Every Project

Sustainable design techniques are considered for all BSSW architectural projects. Our clients and communities benefit from environmentally efficient designs in many ways, from a cost-savings and value standpoint, to a forward-focused desire to protect the planet for future generations. With LEED design practices at the forefront of everything we do, sustainability is ingrained into our business philosophy and is utilized in all of our designs. We don’t recommend clients “go green” – Our designs are green, and clients realize the benefits.

We are LEED certified but don’t use LEED building techniques as an add-on to our architectural services. We automatically incorporate LEED and sustainable design into everything we do. We do not rely on LEED consultants to evaluate our architectural projects as these skills are cultivated by all our team members. Whether it’s a library, an office building, a school, government facility or any other project, we incorporate green design techniques and natural materials to enhance the human experience while reducing environmental impact.

It’s clear that being more ecologically responsible is a growing trend in the architectural and building industries.

We honor our obligation to lead the way by upholding responsible sustainability practices that support the environment, our clients, and the communities that we enhance.

Our 4 Simple Steps to “Going Green”

  1. Minimizing negative impacts on indoor air quality
  2. Using sustainable building materials with a focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycled goods
  3. Maximizing the health, productivity and general well-being of building users
  4. Utilizing technology to significantly reduce energy consumption and operational costs

Top 5 Benefits of LEED Sustainable Design

  1. Reduced heating and cooling costs
  2. Reduced maintenance
  3. Conservation of water
  4. Increased indoor air quality
  5. Use of the structure’s natural light