Unifying Two Disciplines

For a long time, there’s been a disconnect between architecture and interior design. The two disciplines align themselves in so many ways, but a division still exists. Not at BSSW. We have united architecture and interior design in a cohesive integration of design, function, planning, and human experience. Increased productivity, collaboration, and worker satisfaction—these are only a few results an inspiring interior space can have on an organization and its team members.

Our talented and experienced interior design architects mold the goals and aspirations of our clients into functional design concepts. You will be an integral part of the design process and will witness your project come to life in a vivid interactive computer simulation. This technology will enable you to see the project as it will look before a single nail is put into place. You’ll be able to see where power outlets are installed, the design and placement of furniture, the lighting needs of a space and so much more. Creating the perfect interior space is a collaborative effort between the interior designers and client. The end result will be a beautiful balance of useful function and elegant design.

Being flexible to the natural evolution of an organization’s culture, size, technology and promoting a balance between innovative design and function is the foundation of every interior design project. That is our goal for you and all our clients.

Bringing together interior design with architecture gives your project an inspiring visual impact, and creates spaces that stand the test of time and brings joy to those utilizing them.