September 13, 2023

BSSW Designs Lee County EOC Expansion

BSSW was commissioned by Lee County to design an addition to the existing Emergency Operations Center (also designed by BSSW) which seamlessly integrates the critical operational and control components of the County’s Public Safety portfolio including Emergency Operations, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, and Consolidated E911 Services. The Public Safety Complex also includes the administrative and training facilities that support these critical services.

The Existing EOC is organized around a large emergency operations command center with robust communications capabilities and multi-platform audio/visual displays, upgraded as part of the expansion. The 37,873 SF Public Safety Annex adds a consolidated E911 call center to the complex. Integration of the communication and A/V systems enables the call center and the EOC Situation room to work together, providing back-up capabilities to the call center as well as a parallel commander center to manage large-scale Law Enforcement and Fire Control events.

The Public Safety Addition also includes a large Multipurpose Training Facility which can be transformed into a large bunking facility to accommodate EOC and E911 staff sequestered during EOC activations with the use of fold-down double bunks stored in wall cabinets. Large restroom and shower facilities were also added to serve large-scale training exercises and increased personnel during activations.

The entire Complex, including all the building’s critical infrastructure, is designed to both withstand Category 5 Hurricanes and F-4 Tornadoes, and sustain operations for up to 7 days without public utility due to strategic redundancy.

BSSW aided Lee County in applying for and managing FEMA – Public Safety Enhancement Grants for both the original EOC and the Public Safety Expansion.  BSSW also assisted the County in receiving Federal Infrastructure Grant funds by identifying qualifying expenses and managing Federal procurement and documentation requirements.

Manhattan Construction Company will construct the facility. Construction is set to begin in November, with completion approximately 19 months later.