Special Projects

Unique Spaces and Special Places

Designing unique structures and buildings often includes unusual and highly creative elements and cutting-edge technology. Examples of these fun and challenging projects include memorials, museums, and outdoor recreational facilities.

Historic Preservation

Historic buildings are community treasures that honor a community’s character and history. They require specialized expertise and unique solutions. Whether stabilizing, completely restoring, or converting a historic building for modern use, it’s imperative that the proper materials are used, and the original craftsmanship is retained. BSSW has extensive experience with historic preservation, including our corporate headquarters (Circa 1911) located in the historic downtown Fort Myers River District.

“I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that there have been few change orders - a testament to BSSW Architects’ thoroughness, attention to detail, and coordination with other members of the team.”

Ed Riley CFPS, Collier County Fire Code Official